The global bank is also “keeping a very close eye” on DeFi, says Umar Farooq, head of JPMorgan’s Onyx blockchain team.

The global bank is also “keeping a very close eye” on DeFi, says Umar Farooq, head of JPMorgan’s Onyx blockchain team.

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White Star Capital raises $120M for Ubisoft-backed Web3 investment fund

ApeCoin (APE) | ApeCoin Price Index

Jason Somensatto joined the CFTC in February.

Pennsylvania Congressman Glen Thompson has proposed a thoughtful, well-formulated blueprint for "crypto regulation" that aligns with U.S. Treasury Department’s proposals.
With bitcoin losing key support as Ethereum transaction costs skyrocket, plus a look at why competitive crypto payments are more important than you’d think, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are consolidating near recent highs.

The year 2021 will bring DeFi into adolescence

A legal expert discusses the potential impact of a new SEC report on the use of blockchain-based tokens for fundraising.
What is front-running in crypto and NFT trading?

Basic attention token USD price, real-time (live) charts, BAT news and videos. Learn about the latest crypto new, crypto trading and more.
The proposals were submitted by two leftist parties. The government, which also seeks to apply taxes, hasn’t submitted a proposal so far.
YGG will work with the decentralized autonomous organization to expand its play-to-earn scholarship model in developing countries.
The dangers of letting Facebook control your online identity are clear. One alternative would use your Ethereum wallet instead, and let you control your own data.
Permissionless innovation lowers barriers for disadvantaged groups but the industry is still dominated by white males in key ways, says pages chief content officer.
We’re talking to experts in the crypto and blockchain space about the future of the industry. You’ll hear from economists, entrepreneurs, developers, and other speakers from Consensus events.
ICO has become a dirty word, but were all those opportunities duds? For these investors, participating in 2017's boom has been a win.
The city-state's Tuesday passage of the law means such companies will have to meet anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism measures, for which they were not previously regulated.
Consumer-facing crypto exchanges and retail trading platforms received the majority of funding, according to the Association for Private Capital Investment in Latin America.

NY State Supreme Court dismisses petition against crypto mining company

FTX reportedly shopping for brokerages in preparation for stock trading

What is blockchain technology? How does it work?

The New York Observer has published an article examining the turbulent history of decentralized payment startups Ripple Labs and Stellar.
“They are doing it out of the sense of survival,” said John Reed Stark, former chief of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Internet Enforcement.

What Is A White Paper And How To Write It

NYDFS Superintendent Adrienne Harris says the regulatory agency will triple the size of its virtual currency unit by the end of the year.

Regulators are coming for stablecoins, but what should they start with?

The IRS’ recent decision to refund $3,200 to a Nashville couple does not protect staking rewards from future taxation. This piece is part of pages Tax Week.
Toronto-based startup hub Decentral has rebranded, launching a video news and dashboard site devoted to decentralized technology information.
Iran's push to license bitcoin mining could help it evade U.S. sanctions. But the plan is likely to help some of its people more than others.
Bitcoin lost support at $30,000 as Chinese tech stocks sold off on earnings worries a day after hawkish comments from the U.S. Federal Reserve.
The new WoW Foundation will use the funding to invest in education and mentorship to increase female participation in Web 3 and the metaverse.
The Wood donation sent Tuesday brings the total amount of DOT contributed to 309,939 DOT ($6.0 million) as of press time.
Un reporte del Banco de Pagos Internacionales reveló que más de la mitad de los bancos centrales están desarrollando CBDCs o realizando experimentos concretos.
Laura Shin’s book “The Cryptopians” drives home the reality that the human element is at least as important as it is in traditional fields.
The Jump-backed cross-chain connector will integrate with Injective, an EVM-compatible chain in the Cosmos ecosystem. It becomes Wormhole’s 11th chain.

The impact and rise of DAOs in the legal industry

Specialization is necessary, but bitcoiners and miners need to learn to listen to each other, says Will Foxley, director of content at Compass Mining.
my page recap's Yahoo Finance's All Markets Summit, a one-da event that focused on cryptocurrency investing and saw notable industry dialogue.
Tribal will use the money to continue building out its teams in Latin America, and also plans to release some crypto-related products later this year.
"Market forces,” including a liquidity crunch, are contributing to the pressures on bitcoin and on GBTC, CEO Michael Sonnenshein said TV’s “First Mover.”
The my page Research Annual Crypto Review for 2021 examines some of the key themes and metrics that marked the year’s progress in cryptocurrency markets.
The Helium Network is a crypto-powered network of Internet hotspots, but it has saved one amateur fisherman thousands of dollars on crab pots every year.
The crypto exchange’s founder and CEO made his case at a Washington, D.C., roundtable, while mainstream derivatives firms painted his ideas as dangerous.
Market forces,” including a liquidity crunch, are contributing to the pressures on bitcoin and on GBTC, CEO Michael Sonnenshein said TV’s “First Mover.”"
Porn, gambling and even furniture sales are deemed “high-risk” merchant categories. Sometimes the risk is financial; other times it’s just bad publicity.
En un espacio dominado por hombres, esta popular colección NFT es una dosis de diversidad y energía muy necesaria. Gary Vaynerchuk, Pransky y Logan Paul son fans.
When it comes to crypto, you’ll need to be knowledgeable about new, complex topics to be a more useful and valuable advisor to clients.
The moves will likely lead to increased mining efficiency and greater bitcoin adoption, which in turn should help boost the price of the cryptocurrency.
DGB USD price, real-time (live) charts, news and videos. Learn about DGB value, bitcoin cryptocurrency, crypto trading, and more.
The only thing worse than a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme is a Save-The-World-Quick-Scheme, and we’re all falling for it: the Aspirational systems of DAOs, altcoins and crypto charities.
Get a passport, pay crypto, live tax-free?

Long and short positions, explained

A trust charter from the New York State Department of Financial Services enables digital asset companies to offer crypto trading and custody services in the Empire State.
Understanding the three main investment theses of bitcoin will help you not only allocate to it for clients but also parse through cryptocurrency news, analysis and commentary.

The mood sours even further in Cryptoland.

Record $900-million month for NFT sales as CryptoPunks go stratospheric
On Nov. 18, pages Ben Powers explores the data dividend: Is it an opportunity to restructure the digital economy on more equitable terms or merely a redesign of the current data ecosystem?
The ERC-721R standard guarantees refunds for non-fungible tokens, offering greater security for buyers and legitimacy for creators. But risks remain for both sides of the trade.
A cocktail of inflation and devaluation is generating a crypto boom that players such as Binance, Coinbase and do not want to waste.
It’s Kickstarter meets Netflix, but on the blockchain. The pilot episode for Shibuya’s inaugural “White Rabbit” series drops on Wednesday.
El anuncio se dio tras un acuerdo del país latinoamericano con el FMI, en el cual se estipuló que Argentina desalentaría la utilización de criptomonedas
Contagion risk related to UST’s depegging hit staked ether (stETH) because of Lido’s exposure to the Terra ecosystem, the bank said.
Cryptocurrency funds attracted $19 million of new money last week, suggesting investors are cautiously adding to positions, with prices depressed compared with year-end levels.
U.S. income tax treatment of forks is unclear. A conservative approach would be to treat the receipt of new cryptocurrency as taxable ordinary income.
An introduction to crypto bridges, self-repaying loans, synthetic securities and more. This is the fourth and final part of a series on understanding DeFi.
Prices are rising at a time of pervasive distrust in government to fix the problem. That leaves the door open to bitcoin, the ultimate anti-inflation hedge.
Real-world assets will force a change in blockchain governance, writes EY's Paul Brody. Forks will still be possible, but will attract fewer users.
For the second consecutive day, Yuga Labs’ Otherdeeds NFT collection has seen the most volume in the last 24 hours, according to the blockchain analytics platform.
These tokens play an important role in distributing the control of blockchain projects among their communities of users.
Los ministros de Economía y Finanzas quieren que la estabilidad financiera y los estándares de lavado de dinero entren en vigencia pronto, considerando la reciente agitación del mercado.
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